At Becoming, we believe that clothing has no gender and that paying attention and making proportional clothing opens up more style to more people. We design for individuals who want to look on the outside like they feel on the inside–sharp, beautiful/ handsome and confident. Becoming operates from a few key principles:

ProportionBow ties should not extend beyond the outer points of one’s jawline. For smaller faces, many bow ties on the market are too large and make wearers look like children playing dress-up. Becoming ties are right-sized, from the neck circumference to the size of the actual bow. Becoming neckties employ lightweight linings and less length, so that when tied, both the size of the knot and the tie length are proportional to the wearer.

Quality. Fabrics are individually selected with specific ties in mind. Each tie is hand crafted, including handstamping, to create quality, timeless pieces.

Becoming is an act of personal (r)evolution–an endless conversation with ourselves and the world around us. Thank you for celebrating #theactofbecoming

Be bold,


Photo by Felicity Thompson